Practicing and instructing yoga has only recently become part of my day-to-day life. It’s extremely important to keep an eye on one’s advancement. You must never be content with the knowledge you possess, especially if you’re an instructor. But I gladly pass on what I’ve learned so far on my own and what others have taught me.


I started doing yoga in 2008 in the USA. That time I had been worrying more and more, working too much, had not got enough sleep, I had been tired and moody all the time and had a bad posture, so I decided to find an activity to help me eliminate the effects of office work and stressful life. This is how I came across with yoga.


Being physically active has played an important role in my life since my childhood. When I was a child I practiced rhythmic gymnastics, which was replaced by fitness during the years.


I have always loved to be active and tried many sports. I got acquainted with yoga in 1987; back then we mostly relaxed and practiced a few positions. As a result of the training I started to read yoga books that brought about a vast change in my life. I started to live a slower-paced and more thoughtful life.


Gyerekként azzal játszottam, hogy figyelem a légzésemet. Próbáltam irányítani, kedvem szerint hosszabbá vagy rövidebbé tenni. Néha azzal mutatványoztam, hogy a nyakamba teszem a lábamat, vagy lemegyem hídba aztán feljövök onnan.  Fogalmam sem volt róla, hogy éppen jógázom... 


Szilvi has been active in dancing since the age of 11; she is currently attending the Hungarian Dance Academy at Theatrical Dance major, but she has always been interested in other forms of movement and arts (singing, drawing). The world of yoga captured her immediately at her first class.


I have experienced various symptoms of modern life diseases while working at a law firm. I first met yoga in 2010 and experienced its positive effects very soon – not only by a radical weight loss and achieving a flexible body, but also in my mind. Yoga practicing gave me inner peace and harmony and confirmed some deeply smouldering thoughts in me about the universe and human existence.

Bianca Oliveira

Bianca expresses her love of life through arts, movement and dance. She studied dance in Brazil, jewelry design in Uruguay, and also received a bachelor's degree in tourism. She took her first yoga class at age 18 and felt a deep connection within body and soul.


I familiarized myself with yoga in 2012 and I completely fell in love with it. Sport has always played an important role in my life: I have played basketball since my childhood, whereas running and fitness dominated my university years.


I completed a spine yoga instructor course in summer 2014 organized by the Mandala Yoga Studios.


My awakening, glimmery self-recognition led me to yoga. I had a wish for achieving more physical and mental power, courage, and self-confidence in everyday life. I started to dance, and then came my first ever encounter with yoga in the form of Bikram yoga. Its effects completely charmed and transformed me. Yoga has definitely taken me.