I completed a spine yoga instructor course in summer 2014 organized by the Mandala Yoga Studios. It was preceded by a more than 10-year long period of familiarizing with and practicing yoga and its various types.  The entire story started with some rent a library books, as I realized that the instinctive and pleasant lying on the carpet during the night while preparing for exams is nothing else but the so-called shavasana, i.e. the asana used for relaxation purposes. I discovered that it is not accidental that it’s pleasant to stretch and breathe in a bridge or a candle pose. I started to visit yoga classes during my university years and I “infected” my acquaintances as well. 

I have tried numerous forms of motion and sports, but yoga is the only one I always return to irrespective of my mental and physical condition, time or place. I haven’t found many activities that would have almost only positive effects in the short and long run alike. Yoga is one of these few. Doing yoga regularly also represents fantastic self-experiencing, as yoga, not only with the diversity of postures and styles, but also with its theoretical, spiritual and anatomical backgrounds urges for continuous discovery, improvement and learning.