Being physically active has played an important role in my life since my childhood. When I was a child I practiced rhythmic gymnastics, which was replaced by fitness during the years.

I’m an economist, I graduated from the financial department of the Budapest Business School this year. During my college years I met with yoga that brought about a radical change in my life. In 2013 I completed a 200-hour hatha yoga instructor course approved by the Yoga Alliance International in the Ganapati Hot Yoga Studios, by Zoltán Kiss Nitai. During the course beside the practical knowledge of the sequence of asanas I also familiarized myself with the philosophical, spiritual backgrounds, i.e. the real aim of yoga. In addition to my physical transformation yoga has changed my outlook on life as well.

My aim is to get better at mastering quality and I want to share my practical yoga knowledge, and I also want to increase the level of my philosophical knowledge. I hope, with all these it’s not only me who can experience some extra joy and happiness in my life, but others as well.

Yoga is able to make positive changes in everyone’s life, so my aim is to acquaint more and more people with the effects of yoga, while I’m doing my best to continuously broaden my knowledge.