I familiarized myself with yoga in 2012 and I completely fell in love with it. Sport has always played an important role in my life: I have played basketball since my childhood, whereas running and fitness dominated my university years. I often had the feeling that running and aerobics are sort of “obligatory” activities if one wants to stay fit and healthy, so for me these sports were not about enjoyment but rather about the sense of duty. When I came across yoga I immediately felt at the very first lesson that I had found the kind of sport that was invented for me, that I could do with pleasure, affectionately, resulting in a flow experience. At that time I was in need of this breakthrough mentally as well. The process of paying attention to what is happening inside me started to work outside the classes either; this way I have learnt a lot about myself, I became calmer, less troubled, started to manage stress easier and gained more self-confidence. 
I have experimented with various styles during the years, and it turned out that dynamic hatha and Vinyasa are the closest to my heart. Lots of exercising, courses and spiritual work preceded my having completed the trainer course in 2017, and although I am only at the beginning of this road I passionately learn day-by-day in order to give the miraculous effects of yoga to others too.