Signing up for classes

Online application

Only our registered users are allowed to sign up for classes online. By using the Create new account menu entry anyone can register to the site, there are no related costs or responsibilities whatsoever. The data provided there are required for administrative purposes and are handled in accordance with the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. The registration of the new account needs to be activated via e-mail; by having done so the new account is approved and online registration becomes accessible.

In order to use online registration first you have to log in to the site with the relevant login data of your account, then you can select the desired class in the Calendar view under the Classes menu entry. The selection is supported by the following colour coding:

  • Lilac: Future class, registration is not yet allowed.
  • Green: Online registration allowed; you can either register a new application or modify (or delete) an already existing one.
  • Red: The class is full, so there is no opportunity to register further applications, but the already existing ones can be either modified or deleted. As soon as a place becomes vacant the class will turn to be green.
  • Yellow: Online registration has been closed. There is no opportunity for either registering new applications or for modifying, deleting already existing ones. As SMS based registration is closed at a later point, it might be possible that this latter way of registration is still available (see below).
  • Brown: The class is in an archive status, thus has either already started or even finished. No application related activities are allowed at this point.

The green, red and yellow coloured classes can also be seen in the right hand side, in the Current Classes block (above the facebook sites). By clicking on these you can sign up for the classes or modify your already existing application. After having entered your own personal account you will also see the My Classes block – if there are any current classes you have already signed up for. If it is so you can modify your application here as well.

When signing up for classes you have the option to book several places (the system will continuously inform you about the number of the remaining places). In such a case you should enter the names of the other participants into the Comment field. Should there be any changes in the classes (for example if a class is cancelled – the system will inform you via e-mail, but you can also ask for SMS based notification.

Application in SMS

You can also sign up for our classes by sending an SMS to +36 (20) 224-93-46 with your name (or even more than one name) and the time of the class. If you do not receive a reply you got on the list. If the class is full or cancelled, we will notify you via SMS no later than 90 mins before the class starts. 

General Rules

Important! If you register but cannot attend the class, please cancel it, thus making it possible for others to attend (sometimes there are waiting lists). Cancellation online is accepted no later than 2 hours before the beginning of the class, while in SMS no later than 1 hour before. If that fails to happen, one occasion from your pass shall be deducted, even if you do not attend the class.

For afternoon and evening classes we only accept registration on that day. It is recommended to sign up as soon as possible to make sure you have a place. For morning classes registration is accepted not later than 8 pm the previous day. If the class is not cancelled we certainly accept registrations in the same morning as well. It is a good idea to sign up as soon as possible though, as morning classes are sometimes cancelled due to poor turnout.