2018. március 19.

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Amint azt korábban már hírül adtuk, a múlt heti workshopok után Bianca ezúttal órákat is tart a héten, amiket az órarendben is feltüntettünk, DE ezen órákra külön díjazás érvényes, az alábbiak szerint: 

- vezetett óra: 3.500,-
- mysore óra: 4.000,- 
- AYCM/TRSK kártya vagy bérlet lehúzása esetén: 1.000,- Ft kedvezmény! 

Aki nem szeretne jönni az ashtanga órákra, és emiatt nem tudja időben lejárni a bérletét, az 1 hét hosszabbítást kaphat, de ez nem automatikus, igényelni kell!

A Bianca által tartott külön díjazású órák: 

- 20 March (Tue) @ 18:00 - half-led (primary series up to Navasana + finishing sequence) 
- 22 March (Thu) @ 18:00 - half-led
- 23 March (Fri) @ 18:00 - full primary series (led class)
- 25 March (Sun) @ 7:30 - mysore style

A fentiek miatt Tomi csütörtök esti órája a szokásosnál később, 19:45-kor kezdődik! Mindezt persze már az online órarendben is frissítve találjátok:


Biancáról pedig itt tudhattok meg többet:


Vasárnap délután ismét lesz Hangmeditációs flow Szabadi Andival és Krisztával, ennek részleteit itt találjátok: 


Várunk mindenkit szeretettel!


2018. március 16.

Bianca is coming back to town!  She's gonna hold 2 workshops - detailed under, 5 led and 1 mysore class which you can find here:


Bianca Oliveira is a Brazilian born ashtanga teacher living in Poland. Her Primary masters are Sharath Jois and his mother Saraswathi (scroll down for full bio).

17. March @ 14:00-16:30 
During this workshop we will look at some postures of Yoga Chikitsa & Nadi Shodana, and how they can be used to purify our energy channels. We will look at what kinds of physical & psychological preparations do we need to do to prepare for Intermediate Series Nadi Shodana. We will explore some back- bending enhancements: looking at the principles of opening the heart, being vulnerable, and the importance to cultivate great strength in the foundation of our lives (and legs). 

>> 18. March @ 14:00-16:30
Openness in the hips and knees are a big part of the practice of yoga asana. Through the hips we have straight access to our spine and our nervous system. Join this workshop to learn how to safely open the hips and knees to access your entire spine in deep twists.
Deep twisting increases energy levels, cleanses the body and opens the mind to new levels of awareness. Join me in a sweaty flow that will both warm up your body from the inside out and prepare to go deeper physically, mentally and even spiritually. Stimulate the inner fire and let the twists remove toxins and impurities while leaving you with a calm and balanced mind. 

single ticket: HUF 6.500,- / workshop 
both workshops + 5 led classes + 1 mysore practice: HUF 27.000,-


infoatganapati.hu | +36202249346

Bianca expresses her love of life through arts, movement and dance. She studied dance in Brazil, jewelry design in Uruguay, and also received a bachelor's degree in tourism. She took her first yoga class at age 18 and felt a deep connection within body and soul. In an opportunity to combine travels and dance, she worked as a dancer for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's Circus, where she also had an introduction to aerial arts. She believes that the seed of yoga, which had been planted in her heart years before, started to grow in its own time. She decided to take her practice into a deeper level and completed the 200 hours teacher training at Neighborhood Yoga (a Yoga Alliance registered school) in Boone, NC - USA. During this training the Ashtanga method was unveiled to her and became part of her being and daily practice. She practices Ashtanga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and who's grandson Sharath Jois and his mother Saraswathi, from India, serves as Bianca's primary teacher. In the west, she practiced under the guidance of various certified Ashtanga teachers. Her teaching style is very creative, and is influenced by her background and personal practice. Believing she is an eternal student of yoga, her joy is to share all the benefits this practice can bring to people's lives on and off the mat.
ॐ नमः शिवाय