108 Sun salutations

Heated class (maximum 30°C)
1 hour 30 minutes

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is a dynamic series of excercises which links several simple asanas together with controlled breathing. It is a proven fact that it provides excellent relaxation for the muscles and the nerves as well. Enhances the performance of the heart, the digestive system, clears the skin and the excretory system. Sun salutations mobilize all major muscles and joints of the body making them strong and flexible at the same time. Provides against excess fat on the waist and core. Eases chronic bowel ailments, constipation, back pain and has a positive influence on scoliosis, gastric ulcers and excess acid. It enhances fertility, ceases irregular menstruation cycles. Helps to calm the mind and ends lethargic conditions such as pessimism, lack of good mood and laziness. The body becomes rejuvenated and glamorous and is prepared for the reception of deeper spiritual aspects.

We usually do only half of the traditional 108 Sun Salutations, so 54 of Surya Namaskar B and it takes approximately 90 minutes. Four or five times a year we practice the full series of 108 Surya Namaskars and in this kind of practice the Downward Dog is only held for one breath, making the practice a 150-minute long one. The time and location of these sessions vary, please check the Classes page, our Facebook pages (Ganapati I, Ganapati II) or enquire on +36 (20) 224-93-46.