My awakening, glimmery self-recognition led me to yoga. I had a wish for achieving more physical and mental power, courage, and self-confidence in everyday life. I started to dance, and then came my first ever encounter with yoga in the form of Bikram yoga. Its effects completely charmed and transformed me. Yoga has definitely taken me. I have discovered such energy and vital force I have never experienced before. It was an immense joy to experience that class after class I get increasingly closer to my inner self. All of a sudden my time spent on practice expanded from zero to four occasions per week. After intensive years of introduction my desire for freedom pushed me forward and I started to concern myself with other, more diversified types of yoga; the ones going beyond physical exercising. I have always considered diet to be important; and as my lifestyle and mindset continuously evolved, I became vegetarian, and later vegan. For some years I have been almost completely leading a raw vegan life. It happened by chance when I dropped in unexpectedly to the very first Vinyasa Krama class, which was love at first sight: excitedly diverse, manifold and attractive, representing various challenges and a never-ending showdown. Timi Rácz was my guide in this path, and in my enthusiasm alongside this made me realize that I would like to teach.  I could feel the desire being born in my inner self; I could see with my inner eyes that I am improving, changing, strengthening day-by-day and pass on the knowledge I managed to acquire so far. I could see the wave that have reached me flowing, streaming through myself and changing the lives of others. I did not even hope that this dream might come true so soon. I am extremely grateful for my teachers and life for every single moment I can spend on the mattress either by doing exercise or by teaching. Yoga has a never-ending forming and shaping power in my life. Nowadays the majority of my practice is spent on the Astanga Mysore and Vinyasa Krama styles.