Yoga room etiquette

Whenever possible, do not eat within 2-3 hours before the lesson starts or at least do not have a big meal. If you are very hungry, try to eat something light and easily digestable.
It is essential to consume enough water during the day as well to enhance detoxifiction.

Please bring a big towel that you can spread over your mat. If you do not have one, you can always ask the instructor for one. You may not attend the lesson without a towel, only if you bring your own mat with you. We provide mats to practice on, but you may also bring your own mat which you can store on the rack in the room.

Please also bring with you some drinking water or your own water bottle. You can buy mineral water at the spot.

Wear something comfortable that allow freedom of movement.

Please be on time. We start the lesson with maximum 5 minutes delay, after that we cannot let you in.

You may leave the room after relaxation. If you want to finish the lesson earlier, please let the instructor know before the beginning of the lesson.

Please enter the room barefoot or in socks and leave the slippers in front of the room.

Leave your valuables in the lockers located in the changing rooms. Please leave your mobile phone behind.

We kindly ask you not to talk aloud in the room before and during the lesson. Make good use of the time to tune in to practice. If you want to talk to somebody please go to the lounge in order not to disturb the other guests. If you have a problem, please tell the instructor.

If you are injured or have been sick please tell the instructor before the lesson. You practice at your own responsibility!

Lost and found items are kept for one month after that they get scrapped.